Andrew Reid on Twentytwo

Andrew Reid have secured the commissioning management appointment at 22 Bishopsgate in the City of London.

The 278m tall building comprises 62 floors above ground and has a gross floor area in excess of two million square feet (1.275m sq ft of office). Interestingly,  it features a climbing window 410ft above street level where climbing holds are installed directly to the inner face of the façade.

Besides the wall, Twentytwo (as it is known) will also have a fresh food market, a wellbeing retreat and spa, London’s highest free public viewing gallery, and an “art walk” on the ground floor.

“We recognise the role of the office has changed, with workplaces now needing to do so much more than simply accommodate people. Twentytwo will be a truly ‘social’ workplace with different spaces for people to socialise, focus and energise. It represents how we will all be working in the future.” Sir Stuart Lipton, partner at Lipton Rogers Developments.