New Apprenticeship Scheme Takes Flight

We want to extend a warm welcome to Max Milham, who has joined the HDR | Andrew Reid team as an apprentice in our London office.

Andrew Reid has long been a shirt sponsor at Aylesbury Rugby Football Club, being keen to promote the values of teamwork, sportsmanship and discipline in young people.

In 2019, the company decided to take that a stage further and offer one of the under-16 age group an opportunity in construction. Mike O’Mahony, Managing Director, says: “Similar to my own experience as a teenager, we were keen to offer a young person who might not ordinarily be able to choose a university education a rewarding professional career in construction. Our hope for him is that, through his own efforts, a sponsored classroom, and office and site learning, he too may be able to get his degree and, ultimately, his registration as a Chartered Engineer. That’s the plan!”

Max joined us in September to take up this challenge and has started on that journey. Initially concentrating on design work, he will experience many facets of construction and building services engineering while on a sponsored learning programme at leading educational institutions.

Previously, Max worked in a bike store, where he gained valuable customer service experience and developed his communication skills. He has also worked for a ductwork company recently, fitting ventilation systems. He hopes to learn as much as possible over the coming years while at HDR | Andrew Reid and grow within the company, eventually progressing to a full-time job role.