AR&P rekindle old relationship at Imperial College

Andrew Reid have been appointed by Imperial College to validate the engineering services commissioning during the phased refurbishment of the university’s Aeronautical and Mechanical Engineering facility in Kensington, London.

The project is to be delivered over several phases with the ultimate objective being to relocate the Aeronautics Department to the Mechanical Engineering Building in the last of four phases. Phases one to three involve enhancements to the Mechanical Engineering Building suitable space for Aeronautics.

The practise has previously worked for the university. In 2002 AR&P designed and commissioned the Ecotron Chambers at Imperial Silwood Park Ascot. The chambers which form part of the NERC Centre for Population Biology provide a controlled environment. There are 16 small communities, or microcosms, each housed in separate walk-in chambers with computer-controlled climatic conditions. The facility bridges the gap between the complexity of real field communities and the simplicity of laboratory or greenhouse experiments.