AR&P Secure New Project at the Royal Academy of Arts

Andrew Reid & Partners are pleased to announce that they have been appointed as the Independent Commissioning Engineer to the Royal Academy of Arts for the Weston Rooms Galley refurbishment project.

The Weston Rooms are part of the Royal Academy of Arts which was built 1885, designed by Richard Norman Shaw. A remarkable feature of the original two Weston Rooms is that the ventilation system was partly incorporated into its elaborate ceiling decoration. As part of this refurbishment a new environmental system is to be installed and similarly incorporated into the finishes. The new system will include an Air Handling Unit incorporating air filters, control dampers, heating and cooling coils along with a steam humidifier, a supply air fan and an extract fan. In order to control the new equipment a new Trend Building Management System is to be installed which will integrate with the existing Building Management System.