Introducing HDR | Andrew Reid Safety Bulletins

Health and safety is the top priority for HDR | Andrew Reid, and a major part of this is the instinctive behaviour of our staff.


To help in this, we have introduced monthly safety bulletins to our company safety programme to remind our people of the potential safety hazards of the dangerous environments in which we work. They remind our engineers how they can assess the risks so that they adapt their behaviour accordingly.

Used throughout the industry and by the HSE (Health and Safety Executive), a safety bulletin focuses on a specific topic and educates readers on the risks involved in a specific environment, coaching them in the steps necessary to eradicate or mitigate them. They can be issued routinely as we do, as a result of an incident or as a response to a specific situation that presents itself.

Here at HDR | Andrew Reid, we recently issued a safety bulletin on Arc Flash to heighten awareness of the causes, risks and safety procedures surrounding it. This was distributed ahead of the introduction of arc clothing to our personal protection equipment, issued to protect all members of our team who work in, or in close proximity to, switchrooms.

Tim Callenholm, Health and Safety Consultant at Derisk, speaks of recent examples where HSE safety bulletins have been issued – one being related to the risk of fire by the use of a particular type of capacitor in uninterruptible power supply (UPS) systems, on which our teams routinely work.

Tim also pointed out the importance of not assuming that experienced engineers use best practices: “…many people think they work safely, whether they do or not; because they’ve done it for so long and nothing’s happened or that’s just all they have known.”  A safety bulletin can also act as a reminder in these cases. One will be issued shortly to address the risks that lead to slips, trips and falls, following a recent incident of someone falling down a step. Although this type of health and safety information is covered in training, belief in potential risks can dwindle and behaviour can change as a result. Bulletins are a great way to remind people of the everyday risks that are always present and help them to instinctively consider the safest approach to work.

At HDR | Andrew Reid, we take the safety of all our staff very seriously, and not just the ones that operate on-site. Safety bulletins are used as a form of communication with every single member of our team, even those who are purely office-based. The more individuals that believe in the risks that surround our industry, the safer our whole operation will be.