Environmental Policy

This policy will be regularly reviewed to ensure that it is appropriate to the nature and scale of our occupational Health and Safety risks.

Andrew Reid is a firm of consulting engineers specialising in the design and management of commissioning of building engineering services.

We are committed to work in a business efficient and environmentally responsible and sensitive manner for the benefit of our clients and wider society. We recognise our unique position and responsibility for promoting and introducing conservation measures for resources such as energy, water and raw materials in compliance with relevant environmental legislation, regulations and codes of practice whilst at the same time providing safe and comfortable working environment.

The implementation, monitoring and review of our Quality and Environmental Policy is managed by the Quality and Environmental Representative. Through appropriate induction, training and awareness it is the responsibility of all directors and staff to communicate policy issues to staff and ensure compliance. All departments are responsible for achieving appropriate goals and objectives to continuously meet the requirements of the Quality and Environmental Policy.

Sustainable development is at the heart of our Quality and Environmental Policy and we are fully committed to a programme of continuous improvement and prevention of pollution in all business areas. Where practical, we minimise the consumption of resources and waste production in our business operations, incorporate renewable and recyclable materials and energy efficient systems in our designs, and develop innovative solutions to environmental issues. We encourage and advise on ways our clients can conserve natural resources, use recycled products, use less environmentally hazardous products in their projects and develop partnerships with environmentally responsible contractors and suppliers. In addition we help our clients to protect the environment by promoting best environmental business practices.

We will provide our clients with practical advice and solutions which: reduce the environmental impact of buildings, and; provide better spaces for the people who inhabit them.

To this end, we will:

  • Develop and encourage solutions to improve the environmental performance of every project we work on, by considering practical ways to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, energy and water consumption, natural resource depletion, waste to landfill and pollution.
  • Develop and encourage solutions that provide better spaces for people through consideration of daylight, comfort, glare, internal air quality and connectivity to nature.
  • Provide our staff with the skills, knowledge and enthusiasm to deliver practical environmental solutions through a strong commitment to training.
  • Reduce the environmental impact of our own operations by managing our energy and water consumption, encouraging use of cycling and public transport, recycling waste, implementing an eco-friendly purchasing policy and ensuring our new designs are a practical demonstration of environmental sustainability.
  • Implement an ISO14001 Environmental Management system in all offices.
  • Report transparently on our environmental and social performance each year and make this available on request

Customer Satisfaction

Customer satisfaction is important to Andrew Reid. If you have any suggestions or comments on our services, products or people, please email Mike O’Mahony via mike.omahony@andrewreid.co.uk