Data Centre & Critical Systems

Every sector in which we work involves engineering services of an absolutely critical nature. Museums and galleries require precision and close control to protect priceless artefacts held in trust for the nation and generations to come. Laboratories require reliable infrastructure to confidently maintain conditions seeing that experiments are safe and repeatable and often to safeguard the environment from localised airborne contamination. Financial institutions rely on resilient infrastructure to keep their business alive and to support global economies. Our experience includes each of these areas and in particular managing the complex commissioning work in highly resilient Data Centres and financial institution trading facilities in the UK, Europe, and Asia.

We have been involved in commissioning large scale data centres since 2000. Since then, we have been engaged on projects totalling in excess of 2,000,000ft² of data centre space. Additionally, we have worked on literally hundreds of projects incorporating resilient systems which are absolutely crucial to our clients’ operating environments.

In order to deal with the highly complicated nature of the engineering systems we have adopted a robust management control tool, The Network.

Many of our clients in this sector prefer to remain confidential.