Science & Pharmaceutical

We have been engaged by clients on several projects in the Science & Pharmaceutical sector.

Two of our case studies relate to projects for Oxford University and Pfizer where we were appointed to address particular operational complications following which we were then to provide specialist commissioning support on many projects.

The appointment by Oxford University in 2004 was to prove the beginning of a relationship which has endured to today. We have since worked for the University on facilities including Biochemistry, Earth Sciences, Tinsley and Oxford Molecular Pathology Institute (OMPI).

Additionally, we have undertaken commissions for clients including:

Imperial College

Full design and commissioning for the NERC Centre for Population Biology comprising sixteen Ecotron Chambers.

British Museum

In addition to looking at the Museum’s galleries, we have also been responsible for the engineering services design in the Museum’s Research Laboratory building.


Our duties comprised a detailed survey of the performance of existing fume cupboard extract and associated mechanical supply air systems within their main Biological Research and Chemical Research Buildings at Dagenham. We subsequently designed and implemented modifications to those systems where the original performance was found to be inadequate.

Roche Products

Our duties included design analysis, commissioning and testing of engineering services associated with a new 3,000m² research block. Our design analysis included the redesign of the mechanical ventilation systems to overcome problems of noise and control instability experienced with the original installation. Our commissioning work has included setting up a complicated, interactive ventilation distribution system designed to maintain particular air pressure gradients between different parts of the building.


We were engaged here to manage the commissioning of Illumina’s new UK headquarters at Chesterford Research Park. The 4500m² building comprises two separate wings of laboratory space, linked by an elegant atrium designed to house an impressive reception area and a versatile range of meeting rooms. The laboratories include several pressure regime controlled rooms in support of several bespoke fume cupboards and genetic research equipment.