Diagnostic and Recovery

As a result of the balanced strength of the practice’s design and field work, it has been engaged for many years now in diagnostic and remedial work on Mechanical and Electrical engineering systems which are not providing satisfactory performance.

We offer a troubleshooting role which can range from a straightforward measurement and readjustment exercise to a full system evaluation and report. In extreme cases, detailed re-design and supervision of remedial works is undertaken.

We usually start with a limited survey of the building to establish what is installed and how well it is working from a performance and economy point of view. We then produce a report detailing findings and recommendations.

If this meets with our client’s approval then remedial work can commence. This might involve re-commissioning or repair work, carried out under our supervision. Our commissioning engineers are able to draw on technical support from their design team colleagues as appropriate.

In the event that major refurbishment work is necessary then our commissioning engineers and design engineers work together to produce a rescue design package to return the building services to proper working order.

It is this ability to apply the correct level of technical input at the appropriate stage, working as a team that enables us to carry out rectification work which routinely results in a building gaining a new lease of life at lowest cost and disruption.