Absolute Focus – Our Rail Division

Millions of critical decisions are made in providing a safe, reliable experience for the millions using Europe’s fastest growing railway each day. The need to look at the big picture, understanding how all the pieces of the jigsaw are put together including integration of all the systems are a crucial component part of the process in delivering the biggest sustained program of rail modernization since the Victorian era.

HDR | Andrew Reid is at the heart of this. We use and implement detailed strategies from energy modelling to asset management with associated assurance solutions including commissioning and fire engineering thus negating the risk at every stage of the project!

Testing and Commissioning is a critical part of the process of assuring that all systems and equipment within a station are safely designed, installed, tested and set to work, operated and maintained to the operational requirements of the owner.

Why Andrew Reid:

Knowledge transfer

HDR | Andrew Reid has extensive experience commissioning within other industries, working with six of the top ten global technology providers in the mission critical data centre environment. It can see the advantage of transferring these skills and knowledge into rail.

Commissioning specialists

Dedicated and highly experienced rail team (specialist service line and discipline including RISQS Rail Accreditation). Manage the systems integration complexity and controls.


HDR | Andrew Reid has created the ‘Commissioning Wheel’ to provide rail with commissioning solutions aligned to their process and governance.

Commissioning strategy

From design review, programming, plant factory tests through to site installation and integration tests HDR | Andrew Reid has intellectual inhouse knowledge to deliver to structure a commissioning strategy that delivers complex rail projects with absolute certainty.

Commissioning process

The rail commissioning process ensures systematic assurance during all stages of commissioning paperwork, witnessing of tests and sign-off. The process ensures rail governance is adhered to and delivers a functional building that is not riddled with remedial snags.

Planning and programming

The need to provide a fully sequenced and logic linked commissioning programme that coordinates MEP system installation and testing with the construction programme has never been more in demand. HDR | Andrew Reid’s inhouse planning specialists ensure this integration happens.

Commissioning governance

Acceptance/Records & Integrated System Tests (IST). Quality assurance documentation in accordance with rail standards and rail compliance.

Rail Case Studies

  • Documentation Governance
  • Commissioning Management
  • Asset Management

Rail Projects

  • Bond Street
  • Waterloo Station
  • Eastfield Depot
  • Dundee Station
  • Aberdeen Station
  • Camden Town Station
  • Hackney Central Station
  • Beckton Station
  • Glasgow Central
  • Inverness & Perth Stations