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Intelligent Building Management

With our in depth grasp of the most complex of technologies, we provide the important interface between the client and the overall construction process. Our approach is always sustainable and cost-effective, with operational cost analysis available though the projected cost of ownership over the complete system lifecycle.

The world is striving towards collaborative integration. In terms of building systems and controls this means providing the appropriate infrastructure to deliver smarter buildings, properly implemented. These include:

• Scada, Modbus and PLC networks
• Heating and boiler plant control
• Ventilation and air conditioning control
• Lighting control
• Utility metering
• Building evacuation interface
• Security interface
• Fire alarm interface
• Systems integration
• Intelligent graphical command and control software and systems
• Design of ‘intelligent buildings’ in which all security, communications, life safety, fire, building and energy management systems are fully integrated on an appropriate infrastructure